Interlines – a freight forwarding company, offering a full range of services for the delivery of goods from China to any region in Russia under the scheme from door to door by sea, rail and air transport.

We deliver goods from China: container transportation and carload of rail transport, sea freight, air freight shipping from China.

The main activity is the delivery of small loads from China.

As one of the largest companies in the market of international transport, Interlines - a regular participant of exhibitions "Transport + Logistics", "Transport"


Clients provides integrated solutions to logistics: shipping, freight forwarding, consolidation, insurance, protection of cargo, customs clearance, information about the location and movement of cargo. One of the priorities of our company is shipping from China.

Shipments are delivered from different areas of China to Shanghai in the store consolidation. It formed prefabricated containers that are transported by sea lines to the port of Nakhodka, from where trucks are delivered to Moscow.

The specifics of the company is to transport a batch of goods by China, customs clearance, shipment of goods to Russia. To ensure the transport of goods in China and the Russian, company signed contracts with the transport companies, carrying goods and having their stock, as well as having offices in all major cities of China.


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